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    Considered the world's most notorious drink!! Complete with herbs, jars and original recipe to brew your own absinthe.

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    Gum arabic is the other name for Acacia gum, the most famous gum in the world. eSutras Organics offers the very rare to find form - Acacia gum crystals.

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    Our Agave Nectar is certified organic and has a low glycemice index making this sweetener a healthy alternative.

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    Agave Chai Spice -Organic blue agave syrup slow cooked with Chai Spice Masala Chai sweetened to order and made available without that sugar rush.. How does it taste?:  It's rich, dark caramel, bold Indian chai spices, and the mild taste of light blue Agave Why Buy? Because you will not find this on any supermarket shelf.

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    Agave Chocolate Vanilla -Organic blue agave syrup slow cooked with Chocolate All the flavors of Chocolate Cake for you to rim a glass with, glaze your cupcake or lick it straight!. How does it taste?:  Pure. Rich. Fruity and the mild taste of light blue Agave Why Buy? Because it is great over buttered bread then toasted.

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    Albizia is the bark of the mimosa tree (Albizia julibrissin) and is among the most valued of Chinese botanicals to help alleviate stress.*  This freshly harvested 100%  pure, organic and finely chipped bark is very easy to use and just 3-5 grams is required for a cup of tea. The bark makes a very sweet-woody flavored tea, which also has a soothing and...

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    Amaranth seed is high in protein (15–18%) and contains respectable amounts of lysine and methionine, two essential amino acids that are not frequently found in grains.

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    Amaranth Seeds are high in protein (16–18%) and contains the amino acids lysine and methionine, not typically found in other grains.

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    Ambrette seeds, Musk seeds (whole) - Abelmoschus moschatus from India. These seeds have a wonderful sweet, flowery, heavy fragrance quite similar to that of musk.  Ambrette seeds are the Cruelty free option instead of killing the timid gentle musk deer - for conscious folks. They are also known or Rose mallow seeds.Sweet flowery fragrance binder. Commonly...

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