Galangal Root Slices (Dried) - 16 oz


Galangal is the spice that marks the flavor of Thai and other South Asian cuisine

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Ingredients Galangal Root Slices (Dried)

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Galangal is native to East Asia. It is a tropical shrub with lance–like leaves, iris–like flowers, and reddish brown, woody rhizomes, and comes from the ginger family. It grows mainly in the Eastern Himalayas and Southwest India, and in the 19th centure it was introduced to Europe. Galangal's name is derived from the Arabic khalanjan, referring to Chinese ginger. Galangal is had been used frequently in Saudi herbal medicine.

Galangal can vary in its hotness and flavor. Some species of Galangal have a flowery taste, others taste closer to ginger with a bit cardamom. Most commonly the taste of galangal is described as peppery cinnamon. Galangal is commonly used as a seasoning ingredient in Thai food, seafood and meat dishes. The use of Galangal in cooking is similar to ginger.

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In its raw form, galangal has a citrusy, piney, earthy aroma, with hints of cedar and soap in the flavor; its flavor is a complement to its relative ginger, but galangal has little of the peppery heat that raw ginger has.

Galangal has a distinct peppery flavor. Slice, chop, mince, or crush Galangal to acquire preferred texture and use in curry pastes, stir fried dishes and soups.

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Galangal Root Slices (Dried) - 16 oz

Galangal Root Slices (Dried) - 16 oz

Galangal is the spice that marks the flavor of Thai and other South Asian cuisine

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