About our Organic Botanicals, Herbs, Spices, Teas, Specialty foods & Wellness products

At our downtown Chicago based USDA organic we manufacture creatively and professionally in small batches, a carefully nurtured line of exquisite products that definitely are not like the processed food companies that manufacture most of what is most seen in commercial grocery store aisles.

Our products that feature health, wellness and natural beauty are dedicated to customers who seek unique and creative offerings.

They are unique because they challenge the buyer both with their combinations of flavors, scents, herbs, their health appeal, their multi use capability, simple, elegant packaging and their uniqueness.

There is in the marketplace an increasing awareness to ethics and sustainability. No other industry is as much affected by this consumer curiosity than the food and wellness industry.

It is our firm belief that smaller, eco-friendly and socially conscious manufacturers will find greater and easier acceptance by the American consumer for their products, especially if they are affordable as well!

We import ingredients from small and large, sustainable farms in the US and around the world, formulate our unique creations to produce the finished beauty, health and wellness goods, using local labor and locally produced sustainable packaging right here in Chicago. 

We are interested in the values of sustainability, local manufacturing and in promoting wellness among our customers. My employees and I are deeply grateful to have our products sold our online shop and various small stores and social organizations.

We assure you no less than our very best services, products and prices. We felt that healthy, cruelty free, organic and community beneficial products should be both economical and easily available and so we created our business!

We claim our status as artisan-traders, independent of all agri-food groups or of all signs of mass distribution from commercial giants. We try to work only with grass root manufacturers and farmers every time we create a new product line.

Call us for more information: 312-988-0051 or email: help@esutras.com / info@esutras.com 

As part of our commitment to helping our planet - we now offer our 'Ethical Shopper Rewards' program! Show us how you recycle our product packaging when you are done and we will take 5% off your next bill!

      • All our products are manufactured by us in at 2023 W Carroll ave, Chicago IL 60612
      • Contact Us or call Customer Service at: 312-988-0051
      • We are always looking for whole salers and dropship distributors! Sell our products in your gourmet food stores, spa or natural health stores. 
      • Visit our blog for natural health care ideas, healthy recipes, food news and more.
      • Please contact us to apply and for wholesale specials. Wholesale & bulk sizes for ingredients, botanicals and finished products are available, as well as custom blending, private labeling and contract packaging.
      • Certified Organic Products and Specialty Foods Vegetarian Health Products Organic Botanicals Culinary Oils & Teas.
      • Made In Chicago, USA.
      • eSutras Organics is a small specialty food and wellness products manufacturing company based entirely on the very essence of organic: small, alternative and individualistic. Healthy, cruelty free, organic and community beneficial products that are both economical and very efficacy oriented.
      • Buy US manufactured and USDA Certified Organic Specialty Foods Organic Culinary Products, Organic Herbs and Spices, Spa, Health, Eco Friendly Beauty & Wellness Products in Wholesale and Retail sizes.

    TC BAUER Company does not use, nor allow within its facility standard commercial cleaning agents which include chemically laced cleaning products, bleaches, synthetic and chemical based soaps, ammonia, chlorine, dioxide, bleach, commercial pest repellents, fumigants, or other synthetic agents which are harmful to ourselves, the environment, and our immediate watershed system. Pest management practices include the use of sonic repellers, pheromone traps, and the vigilant application of neem, oil, citronella, turmeric, both diatomaceous earth and pyrethrum powder. We do not fumigate nor do we use chemical killing agents. All cleaning products used within our facilities are 100% natural, bio-degradable and are approved for use within certified organic facilities.

  • The primary industrial cleaning agents are ordered in bulk from the Green Environment Company, with the exception of plants extract mixed with Lemon Essential oil and Baking Soda as a general cleanser. The production and processing centers within our warehouse use Peracetic Acid as a sanitizer and industrial cleaning agent. Peracetic Acid is a concentrated form of Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar, is completely biodegradable, and it is approved by the EPA.