eSutras Drop Ship Policy

We are happy to provide drop-shipping services which require no minimum order and no fee on an individual per order basis. In order to improve upon our Customer Service and process standardization, we have made some updates and adjustments to our drop-ship policy. Please read below to learn more:

  • No minimum order required.
  • No per order fee.
  • Drop-shipper pays for item at discounted rate in addition to shipping costs.
  • Items will be shipped within 2 business days unless notified otherwise.
  • All orders must be received online via with your Active account login information. Email/Phone orders will not be processed. No exceptions.

eSutras Drop Shipping Process:

We include a packing slip with your company contact information and the following return address information:

Shipping Department
T.C. Bauer Co.
3333 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

Prices you paid for merchandise will not be made available to your customer in their packing slip.

Returns and Cancellations: has a 14 day return policy for most products.

The following items we do not accept as returns:

  • international orders,
  • custom blended orders,
  • or materials that have been mixed or blended together with other ingredients.

All essential oils which you had ordered in 4 ounce or larger sizes require calling our returns department for authorization at (773-583-4850).

Please note that due to their highly volatile nature and cost Essential oils, Absolutes and Hydrosols are not covered under this policy. They will have to be returned in one week, unopened in their original containers for full refund.

  • will not bear the shipping costs associated with returns.
  • Cancellations are acceptable only within 24 hours and only if your order has not already been shipped.

A $5.00 cancellation fee will be charged to your account. These guidelines have been put into place to best serve each and every one of our drop shipping customers as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you have any questions about our policies please feel free to call us at 773-583-4850. Thank you for your continued business!