The eSutras Organics Story

Why did you start your natural organic products business?

eSutras Organics and TC Bauer Company was created for the niche market of responsible, health conscious and product knowledgeable citizens who need economic earth-friendly alternatives to harmful and damaging chemicals for everyday use. We felt that healthy, cruelty free, organic and community beneficial products should be both economical and easily available. is an easy-to-use online source providing 100% , US manufactured and USDA Certified Organic Specialty foods Culinary Products, Herbs, Spices, Spa, Health, Beauty & Wellness products in wholesale and retail sizes.

What makes you different than other similar businesses in your community?

Local, local and more local. We manufacture ALL our finished products in Chicago, employing conscious, educated young Americans, while we get our ingredients from responsible non-corporate dependant suppliers, globally.

People will tell you that starting a manufacturing company in the United States isn't a good idea. Too many regulations, hurdles to jump and high wages to pay, they'll say. But for the past 6 years, eSutras Organics has been succeeding against these odds to be a profitable enterprise. Year after year, we continue to manufacture high quality, small-batch and traditionally handcrafted natural health products with success in Chicago, Illinois.

We've always considered ourselves artisan traders, crafting our high quality and distinctive products to fill demand in the market for aware, responsible and engaged consumers who need economical, earth-friendly alternatives for their homes and health.

Farmers, distillers and traders from the USA and over 15 other countries supply their products to us. We support local producers as often as we can and always work with grassroots, fair-trade manufacturers.

We give 10% of our total profits back to the communities that support our business; this support helps with everything from education and fair wages to women's rights. Education for children, rehabilitation for women and fair wages for workers is impeccably implemented by our supervisors in Asia and Africa. Close ties with our sources of production allow us to create some really unique, culturally diverse products for ourselves and in helping communities that provide them to get a better life.

We at eSutras Organics believe and promote the shop local, natural, cruelty-free, organic, sustainable and fair-trade philosophy. Feel good about the products you consume! And to actively engage our customers to help the environment, we offer incentives.

Ship our empty retail containers for our spa & cleaning products back for refills and get free shipping for that product. Do it twice and get 5% off your total bill.

Our physical showroom, at 3333 N Elston Av, Chicago is open to customers M-F 10-4 p.m., for live support and hands on experience of our products. Shop online with us and we will give 15% of our total profits back to the communities (in the US, India, Mexico, Nepal, S. Africa, Chile and Argentina) that support our business by providing the sustainable raw material and ingredients.

What do you like most about your community?

The cosmopolitan nature. Chicago is a thriving metropolis that is at the forefront of eco responsibility. Our city not only offers a rich marketplace but ardently supports small manufacturers to offer unique products at fair prices without the threat of being engulfed by national chains or giant corporations.

Never heard of Berber Spice Mix? Don't know what is deep fried pancake dough? Well neither had we until we starting working with native Americans in Dakota and small farmers in Africa to learn about traditional cuisine! Now, you can share in our celebration of diversity because you'll find eSutras Organics Berber Spice Mix on our user-friendly Web site,, and the shelves of your local groceries!

Eight years in operation!

The eSutras Organics Team

eSutras Organics FoundersWe're very proud to have such a diverse, knowledgeable and energetic staff at eSutras Organics. We have several different departments. Each is dedicated to the total completion of all our operational processes from start to finish.

  • Aisha and Chris Bauer - Creators and founders of eSutras and TCB
  • Jeremy Genis - General Production, warehouse knowledge base, vegetarian food cooking guru, awesome artist and musician
  • Sarah Mc Dermott - Graphic Designer, Media and Marketing Coordinator, cellist, avid cyclist and crossfitter
  • Monica Storch - Warehouse Supervisor, travel enthusiast and active in several non-profits
  • Rik Mertens - TC Bauer Company Webmaster and Online Website Manager
  • Tom Stratzi - eSutras online customer team leader, virtual assistant