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Charcoals with Burner


A tasteful set of a brass votive incense holder and charcoals.

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Why You Should Buy Charcoals with Burner

Being able to burn loose incense on charcoal briquettes gives you a greater amount of flexibility and customization in your selection of ingredients. You can burn a single element in a loose powdered form, purchase an incense blend, or mix your own combination of herbs, resins and essential oils.

To use this awesome set first cover the entire bottom layer of the burner with at least 1/2 inch of sand. The sand will work to absorb the majority of the heat from the charcoal so that the burning briquette doesn't overheat the container.

Hold the charcoal with tongs. Light the charcoal on the end opposite the tongs. Hold the flame to the briquette until you see the sparks begin to move across the charcoal in a line.

Blow on the charcoal a bit. On the end you first lit, you should see a red glow that lets you know the charcoal is burning. Set the briquette in the burner and place your incense on top. Smoke will curl up from it as the incense hits the hot spots in the charcoal, and, in return, the incense will promote further heating of the briquette. Scrape burned incense and ash from the top and sides of the charcoal every five to 10 minutes. Replace with fresh incense if you wish to continue a smoky burn.

Allow the charcoal to burn and the ashes to cool completely before removing the debris.


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Charcoals with Burner

Charcoals with Burner

A tasteful set of a brass votive incense holder and charcoals.

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