Flaked Rice (Poha)





Why You Should Buy Flaked Rice (Poha)

Easy to use and digest, our organic flattened rice, or poha, is the perfect food topping. These rice flakes swell when fluid is added, which would make a delicious and satisfying gluten-free cereal. You can use it as a food topping to add some different texture to any dish. It's also perfect on the go, as flattened rice can be packed and ready to eat with a little sprinkle of water and some salt to taste.

Our Poha is the kolam rice variety, which is parboiled and then flattened in the light, delicate flakes. When using, try to stir as little as possible so the flakes won't break apart.


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Flaked Rice (Poha)

Flaked Rice (Poha)

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