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    Sweet, rich, warm aroma. A very relaxing and euphoric scent.

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  • $5.25 Fancy Grade A Select Star Anise

    Anise Star, Star Anise Pods, Organic, Illicium verum A warm-sweet seasoning that imparts a licorice-like flavor to desserts, liquors and meats Organic, All-Natural, Non-GMO & Shade Dried Select Grade (minimum 75% whole stars), Non-Irradiated

    Fancy Grade A Select Star Anise
  • $33.75 $45.00 -25% 100% effective serum with pure rose otto

    An intense, fast-absorbing serum infused with nature's wonder flower that retains nonstop 24-hour moisture, giving skin a petal-soft finish. ... Fresh Rose extracts give deep hydration. Sensual Rose Face Serum is a fast-absorbing formula that intensely hydrates and retains moisture for a healthy-looking, glowing ..

    $33.75 $45.00 -25%
    100% effective serum with pure rose otto
  • $33.75 $45.00 -25% In Stock

    Apamarga or Prickly Chaff - hand harvested and shade dried. The Sanskrit word apamarga literally means that which keeps away the dhosas.The plant has been mentioned in several ancient manuscripts of Ayurveda as useful against parasites and miscrobes, and as a digestive

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  • $10.75 In Stock

    Arjun holds a reputed position in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda it is a tonic, useful in controlling excessive perspiration. It has also been known to help eliminate free radicals, which damage proteins in our bodies..

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  • $12.00 In Stock

    Arnica Montana, is used sometimes to relieve swelling pains when used as a poultice. may be infused in alcohol or oil and used to make skin care products, including facial washes, soap, salves, lotions and hair and scalp conditioners. Sometimes this herb is used in combination with other herbs with similar skin-loving qualities.

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  • $8.75 In Stock

    Ashoka Bark, Saracaka Indica, Cooling herb, high in nutrients and minerals.  The Ashoka tree has many health benefits and has long been used in traditional Indian medicine as a key ingredient in various therapies. Because of it's array of minerals Ashoka has been know to replenish your body with natural nutrients like iron and potassium. 

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  • $5.00 Hand harvested top grade ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha root, organic, Withania somnifera , is popular as an adaptogen and aid for people who are stressed and overworked. It is often referred to as 'Indian ginseng' due to its similarity to ginseng in its action. Ashwagandha, an exotic Indian herb, has remarkable stress-relieving properties comparable to those of powerful drugs used to treat...

    Hand harvested top grade ashwagandha
  • $9.00 In Stock

    Traditional Ayurveda dietary supplement.

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Showing 10 - 18 of 493 items