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eSutras Organics or eSutras Naturals

eSutras Organics or eSutras Naturals

When you have as many diverse products as eSutras, you need more than one brand name to hold them. eSutras Organics is the brand name we use for any product that has been certified "organic" by the USDA. Most products on this site have been certified. eSutras Naturals is the brand we use for the natural products that haven't been certified but are still made from all natural products.

Both brands have the exceptional quality you've come to expect from eSutras! Organic ingredients, super foods, herbal medicinal teas, ethnic spices, wholesale herbs, bulk and retail vegetable oils, essential oils, and gourmet culinary ingredients. Certified organic, herbs, spices, superfoods, alternative sweeteners, finishing salts, vegetarian food ingredients, organic culinary oils and medicinal teas. Made in the USA.