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Licorice Root Powder - 16 oz


The root of the plant is simply dug up, washed and chewed as a mouth freshener.

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CertificationsUSDA Organic
Shelf-Life3 years
IngredientsLicorice Root Powder

Why You Should Buy Licorice Root Powder - 16 oz

Licorice is native to Greece, Turkey, and Asia, and is now frequently grown in Russia, Iran, Spain, and India. It has long been used for a variety of medicinal treatements in many cultures including its earliest uses by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese.

Licorice is popular in Italy (particularly in the South) and Spain in its natural form. Throughout Italy, unsweetened liquorice is consumed in the form of small black pieces made only from 100% pure liquorice extract; the taste is bitter and intense. In Calabria, a popular liqueur is made from pure liquorice extract. Liquorice is also very popular in Syria where it is sold as a drink. Dried liquorice root can be chewed as a sweet.

Chinese cuisine uses liquorice as a culinary spice for savoury foods. It is often employed to flavour broths and foods simmered in soy sauce.

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Licorice is also often used in cooking for its sweetness, it is about 50 times sweeter than sugar.

In traditional Chinese medicine, liquorice is commonly used in herbal formulae to "harmonize" the other ingredients in the formula and to carry the formula to the twelve "regular meridians" and to relieve a spasmodic cough.

Liquorice flavouring is also used in soft drinks, and in some herbal infusions where it provides a sweet aftertaste. The flavour is common in medicines to disguise unpleasant flavours.

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Licorice Root Powder - 16 oz

Licorice Root Powder - 16 oz

The root of the plant is simply dug up, washed and chewed as a mouth freshener.

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